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Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
autonomousdelivery, autonomousvehicles, smartmobility, lastmilelogistics, robotics

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Online Order Platforms, Food Aggregators, Groceries, Parcel Companies, E-Commerce



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Delivers.ai is an autonomous delivery technology to reimagine last-mile logistics experience powered by a prominent computer vision system and cutting-edge self-driving technologies in sustainable cities. As Delivers.AI, our motivation is to enable a greener way to deliver goods. We’re focused on creating healthier, more sustainable cities by replacing trips made with traditional, gasoline-powered vehicles. Our robots allow for better passive and dynamic safety.

Delivers.AI powered by zero-emission technology generates new jobs in Europe in green technology, and supports the community.

Piloting our solution can increase the awareness of delivery robots and optimize the last-mile logistics.

Value Propositions

We reimagine last-mile delivery process by using autonomous sidewalk robots positioned at pre-defined locations around the sustainable cities.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Delivers.AI is the #1 autonomous delivery company in the UK and Europe with the major ground robot fleet, completed orders delivered (more than 25000) and 27500 km driven. Its robots are covered by 10 patents.

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