Autodrive Solutions: Road Digitisation

Developing the roads of the future. Analog roads will be easily adapted with 3D paint drops to become digital roads.

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Mobility Infrastructure

Road digitisation is a must for improving on-board safety systems. With Autodrive Solutions, road digitisation is achieved in a feasible, affordable and low cost manner by printing a pseudo random code over the asphalt with 3D cold plastic structured paint. The encoded track can be read by using a dashcam or a mmwave radar sensor.

Thanks to this reading vehicles are located with 1cm accuracy. This accuracy is used for improving LDW/ALKS and for enabling progressive Intelligent Speed Asistance which allows to determine a variable speed limit according to the precise location instead of fixed speed limits which are not safe for pedestrians.Can you escape from a vehicle running at 30 kmph while you are in a pedestrian crossing?