Augmented LiDAR Box for Smart Infrastructures

Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box real-time outputs enable rapid development of solutions for multiple distinct use cases.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

LiDAR processing unit for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box¬© is able  to detect, classify and track pedestrians and vehicles, in real-time.

Features included:

  • Stop Bar Detection
  • Wrong way
  • Illegal right turn
  • Class-wise over-speed
  • Cross-walk safety
  • Reserved lane violation
  • Lane change detection
  • Vehicle trajectory monitoring
  • Yellow box junction
  • People flow monitoring
  • Pedestrian near-miss
  • Vehicle near-miss
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Traffic jam starting/ending
  • Class-wise tolling