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Future Mobility
public transport, AI, SaaS, congestion, cost optimisation

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cities, municipalities, public tranport companies, public transport authorities, public transport operators, counties



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public transport planners, public transport operators, urban developers

The Asistobe OPTIMISE module provides user-defined optimisations based on automated predictions generated in the PROGNOSIS module of the short-term real transport demand and passenger distribution (1 day – 1 month ahead). 

You can:

  • Maximise or minimise the selected variable (km, costs associated with km, CO2, number of vehicles, service coverage, etc.)
  • Estimate revenue and cost
  • Customise the optimisation scenario(s) based on service, carbon footprint & passenger comfort (set up constraints)
  • Choose the solution that is the most feasible based on your knowledge

Asistobe platform offers public transport planners to EXPLORE how people travel, PREDICT future mobility, OPTIMISE, and PLAN their entire public transport networks.

Value Propositions

Make smart mobility decisions with Asistobe: cut OPEX costs by 15-25% while making your transport system more reliable and convenient and reducing cars and carbon footprint in your city.

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