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Shared Transport Services, Machine-vision Trash Detection, Odour Detection, In-cabin Air Quality Monitoring, Hygenic Transport Measures

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Car Sharing Services, Car Rental Providers, Public Transport Companies



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Car Sharing Services, Car Rental Providers, Public Transport Companies

Shared mobility potential limited due to user discomfort & high maintenance costs

AIVisionEye offers a real-time visual & odour detection system that is designed to ensure cleanliness and disinfection in different modes of transportation, especially in shared modes. The system provides a solution to tackle the feeling of discomfort and reluctance to use shared mobility caused by the lack of care of some passengers.

Machine-vision & odour detection for more comfortable shared mobility

AIVisionEye´s provides two independent monitoring systems:

  • Travel Clean: A machine-vision detection system that allows a fast and reliable recognition of trash and damage inside the vehicle. The wide-angle camera unit can be installed on the ceiling of the vehicle. Machine learning algorithms process and evaluate the pictures whether passengers have left trash or valuables in the vehicle. After processing, the system sends the information directly to vehicle operator’s system or any third party application to automate flexible and decentralised maintenance actions.
  • Travel Fresh: The system automatically detects mistreatment or vandalism events inside the vehicle (e.g., smell of smoke, alcohol, urine, vomit etc.) and generates alerts to operator and fleet managers when and where the maintenance or cleaning activities are needed. The system counts on two air quality sensors that can monitor CO2 and odor levels inside the vehicle cabin and generate a user-friendly IAQ index that indicates the air quality situation inside the vehicle automatically.

Raise the comfort of shared mobility rides with clean & healthy vehicles!

With AIVisionEye´s real-time detection system, Travel Clean & Fresh, in place mobility and transport providers can automate cleaning routines to optimise comfort and to increase user satisfaction, as passengers benefit from cleaner and healthier rides.

Value Propositions

The detection system has demonstrated high-accuracy rates through its state-of-the-art machine vision algorithms within test setups in trams, buses and car-sharing vehicles.

The odour-sensing unit, which automatically detects mistreatment events inside the vehicle, can be linked to the air-conditioning unit.

The compact unit can be easily integrated into any type of vehicle and is conform to fire safety regulations (by EU). 

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