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Future Mobility Multimodality
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AiMA+ by Vulog is a cutting-edge mobility platform driving a global revolution. It connects and optimizes fleets efficiently, enhancing user experience. Powering six solutions adaptable to diverse vehicles and use cases, AiMA+ employs machine learning to mine real-time vehicle data. Key features include "smart pricing" and "smart ops," enhancing fleet utilization and reducing costs. AiMA+ analysis reveals substantial positive impacts, including reduced idle time and redistribution trips. It stands out for its comprehensiveness,

AI capabilities, security, and capacity for autonomous driving, with seven patents and an impressive 99.97% uptime,

making it a game-changer in the automotive and transportation industries.

Value Propositions

AiMA+ by Vulog is a cutting-edge mobility platform leveraging AI and real-time data to optimize fleets, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences, with a remarkable 99.97% uptime.

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