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Unpleasant travel conditions can affect passengers health

Citizens well-being and health can suffer from daily frustrations during their travel routines. Unpleasant conditions (high temperature, crowds, etc.) can reduce mental & physical well-being of travellers.

AI-TraWell helps citizens to find the transport alternatives that suit their preferences

AI-TraWell is an AI-powered, proactive travel assistant that helps citizens to optimise their travel experience. The application is developed as a chat-bot that is able to recommend personalised travel alternatives according to the passenger´s individual needs. AI-TraWell combines information on users' preferences with real-time and predictive information about all modes of transport to help users to manage the increasing complexity of mobility, to deliver better mobility services, to improve efficiency and to contribute to the overall wellbeing and health of citizens.

AI-TraWell helps transport provider to translate passenger feedback into optimised travel recommendations

AI-TraWell encourages people in an interactive way to share subjective personal attributes (e.g., users’ preferences, physical and mental wellbeing, perception of the built environment) when moving within the city (e.g., when reaching or interchanging between mobility services). AI-TraWell combines this subjective data with available objective data (e.g., level of pollution, mobility service data) from mobility services providers and environmental databases. AI-TraWell delivers personalised suggestions on travel alternatives to increase the travel experience and passengers´ wellbeing.

Value Propositions

AI-TraWell encourages people to share subjective personal attributes when moving within the city (e.g., when reaching or changing between mobility services). It provides interactive and personalised multi-modal navigation that positively affects user health and delivers incentive strategies to promote positive behavioural change.

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