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AI Traffic Video Analytics, safer roads, active mobility, smart cities, traffic flow

Product client

Transport Authorities, urban planners, airports, freeports, planning authorities, environmental, city authorities, shopping centres, traffic management companies, engineering companies



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Product end user

Urban Planners, municipalities, pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers, vulnerable road users, schools, businesses, residents, citizens, city centres, transport engineers, traffic management professionals

Greenrooads is offering a state of the art artificial intelligence platform that can be used to gather meaningful information from internet-connected cameras, giving urban planners, authorities and private developers access to an entirely new data source with which to take data-driven decisions.

Greenroads’ AI platform gathers road and open space GDPR compliant data which is vital for insightful urban planning, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists. Its AI platform uses internet-connected cameras, providing urban planners, authorities, and private developers access to real time data. The platform is intuitive and provides informed, data-driven decisions, optimising city development. With Greenroads, transportation impacts are mitigated, fostering smart city development, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Value Propositions

Transforming urban planning with AI-driven road & space data, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists; real-time insights for smart, sustainable cities.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

GDPR compliant

Recognised by the European Commission's Innovation Radar as key innovator

Instant Processing on Open Telekom Cloud, Azure or AWS

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