Greenroads: AI traffic video analytics tool for smart cities

Transforming urban planning with AI-driven road real-time insights for smart, sustainable cities.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Future Mobility

Greenrooads is offering a state of the art artificial intelligence platform that can be used to gather meaningful information from internet-connected cameras, giving urban planners, authorities and private developers access to an entirely new data source with which to take data-driven decisions.

Greenroads’ AI platform gathers road and open space GDPR compliant data which is vital for insightful urban planning, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists. Its AI platform uses internet-connected cameras, providing urban planners, authorities, and private developers access to real time data. The platform is intuitive and provides informed, data-driven decisions, optimising city development. With Greenroads, transportation impacts are mitigated, fostering smart city development, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.