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Accessibility & Inclusivity
Inclusive Mobility, Last-mile

Product client

Schools for children with disabilities, Companies employing persons with disabilities, Hospitals attending to persons with disabilities, Hospitals attending to elderly people, Hospitals attending to pregnant women



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Product end user

people with disabilities, Elderly people, Pregnant women, Children with disabilities

ACE MOBILITY is Africa's first accessible vehicle ride hailing startup.

Affordable, reliable, and disabled-friendly commutes are provided, enabling people with disabilities to participate socially, economically, and politically. Accessible vehicles can be requested by clients through the on-demand mobile app Ace Mobility.

Drivers undergo specialised training to serve persons with disabilities and go the extra mile by acting as caregivers. They not only drive the passenger to their destination but also assist them in entering the building and handing them over to the next caregiver. This solution eliminates the need for vulnerable individuals in society to hire an additional caregiver during the trip. The service is open to scaling worldwide.

Value Propositions

Africa's first accessible vehicles ride sharing start-up.

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