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Future Mobility Multimodality
Platform as a Service (PaaS), In-car Marketing, In-car Communication, Advertising, Driver Interaction

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4screen is the world's first driver interaction platform that connects businesses with on-the-go customers, in real-time, directly through the car screen. As the pioneer of in-car marketing, 4screen is integrated into the top automotive brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Skoda, and soon Hyundai and Kia, providing businesses with unparalleled access to millions of drivers across Germany, UK, Austria, France, Italy, and Spain, and soon in the US.

This innovative technology enables brands to book campaigns in various formats such as branded pins, ranked searches, or recommendations. These campaigns are then displayed in vehicles at the most ideal time to create meaningful interactions with drivers, enhance brand loyalty, and leave a lasting impact. BP Pulse, McDonald's, and cities are just a few of the hundreds of European companies already utilizing 4screen's technology.

Value Propositions

4screen has developed the world's first driver interaction platform, allowing business partners to reach drivers on the go and connecting drivers with their surrounding infrastructure.

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