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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm
3D, Augmented Reality, AR, Visualization, Citizen participation

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Cities, Municipalities, Project Developer, Citizen Participation Companies, Public Transport Companies



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To better understand something, we all need to see it.

Every project is a challenge to the imagination of all those involved. Urban mobility planning facilitates change processes and needs to involve the public. Architectural firms and cities want to inspire builders and investors. Infrastructure projects need to be transparent and convincing. All stakeholders invest much time and money and still fight daily against misunderstandings, prejudices or fears, because many people need more imagination.

That is why the augmented reality and 3D app Cityscaper was developed.

Cityscaper brings your ideas and visions into reality on site. Cityscaper facilitates meaningful discussions between experts and citizens, ensuring they engage with each other on an equal footing and avoid talking past one another. The app eases and enhances complex decision making process. 

Value Propositions

AR and 3D visualizations enhance citizen participation in infrastructure projects by providing an immersive and engaging experience, allowing to interactively understand and contribute to the project.

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