Urban waste collection on the pursuit of zero-emissions

Focussing too much on the bright side of fancy innovation challenges, may lead to the fact that we miss out some of the important once. Transport emissions related to urban waste collection processes are a relevant contributor to the overall emission within a city. Zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles can help to minimise emissions within urban waste collection cycles.

Improving urban waste collection to both reduce emissions and costs is on top of cities agendas. On 27 October, the ENTRANCE project and Big Buyers initiative organised an online workshop aiming to elaborate on the market analysis of zero-emission waste collection vehicles to advance and uptake the innovation for reducing emissions and congestion in cities.

The event also counted on the participation of two successful examples on the implementation of these vehicles in Rotterdam (Richard Brabers) and Göteborgs (Peter Årnes), the participation of Wouter Ijzemans (BEPA), and the co-organisation and participation of Big Buyers represented by Anja de Cunto.

As part of the event, a market analysis of available heavy-duty vehicles was presented. The study is available on the ENTRANCE platform (registration required).

Published 4 November, 2022.