Unlocking sustainable urban transformation: discover the Nordic approach

As climate change accelerates and urbanisation continues to reshape our cities, finding innovative solutions to address these challenges becomes paramount. The Nordic region, renowned for its forward-thinking approach, has emerged as a global leader in sustainable urban transformation.

Now you have the opportunity to delve into their groundbreaking strategies and gain valuable insights through the "Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics" report, funded by the esteemed Nordic Council of Ministers.

Unveiling inspirational examples

This report unveils a curated collection of 12 remarkable case studies from cities across the Nordic and Baltic regions. These examples showcase the transformative power of sustainable public spaces, demonstrating how they can effectively reduce transport emissions, improve air quality, enhance social inclusion, and adapt to the changing climate. Each case study provides a insights and inspiration for cities around the world to envision a greener, more resilient future.


Holistic approaches for big thinking

Discover how the city of Copenhagen tackled urgent management needs by completely redesigning a key square and street in Østerbro. This comprehensive solution not only ensured proper stormwater infrastructure but also created space for pedestrians and greenery, reducing car traffic and increasing recreational opportunities for locals. Witness how such holistic approaches can redefine urban landscapes and serve as catalysts for larger-scale shifts.


Sustainable solutions for rapid urbanisation

Explore two compelling cases from Nacka, a municipality in greater Stockholm, where sustainable solutions were integrated to manage rapid urbanisation and evolving public space needs. Learn how these initiatives have successfully reduced air, water, and noise pollution, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for residents while contributing to climate adaptation. Gain valuable insights into the importance of long-term thinking in shaping the cities of tomorrow.


Small shifts, big transformations

The report showcases inspiring examples from Helsinki, Riga, and Vilnius, where repurposing car parking spaces has brought about transformative changes. Discover how these small, agile interventions have not only reduced car traffic but also created vibrant social meeting places, biodiversity shelters, and outdoor terraces for active mobility. Witness the power of these shifts to ignite larger transformations and encourage sustainable urban development.


Amplifying citizen engagement

While citizen engagement is essential for successful urban transformations, this report goes a step further, highlighting the importance of youth perspectives. By engaging with local communities and involving young people in the decision-making process, cities can truly embrace inclusivity and ensure that future generations' voices are heard. Experience how EIT Urban Mobility's youth engagement initiative, "Transform your street!", brings real-life challenges into classrooms, inspiring young minds and fostering meaningful participation.


Unlocking Policy Recommendations

City planners, policymakers, and urban enthusiasts alike will find immense value in the 11 policy recommendations crafted during a collaborative workshop. These recommendations provide actionable guidance on transforming public spaces to enable climate adaptation, foster fossil-free mobility, and engage with younger citizens. From crafting compelling communication narratives to incorporating principles of rewilding and natural ecosystems, these recommendations equip cities worldwide with the tools to future-proof their urban landscapes.


The "Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics" report is an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about sustainable urban transformation. It offers a wealth of inspiration, practical examples, and policy recommendations that can drive positive change in cities around the world. Download the report today to unlock the Nordic approach to urban resilience, gain insights from groundbreaking case studies, and join the global movement towards a more sustainable and liveable future. Together, let's shape cities that thrive in the face of climate change.


Download the full report "Urban Climate Adaption in the Nordics" in the shared files section below.


Published on 12 June 2023.