(Re)connecting cities: mobility, people, and places | Mobility Talks

Transitioning to smart and low carbon mobility requires a shift in mode use within our cities.

Encouraging sustainable mobility choices both in the centre and outskirts means re-thinking mobility systems to make our activities more climate neutral, liveable, and inclusive.

Part of this consists in re-arranging public space to bring amenities and people needs closer to where they live. Tactical urbanism, such as greening and repurposing of existing infrastructure – like parking spaces – are great tools to reach this goal and create more healthy streets for liveable communities.

In the Mobility Talks, the panellists will explore transition strategies for creating more liveable spaces. Topics will range from street design, access management, to city land use. The discussion will also address the impact of these changes on public spaces and the importance of engaging with citizens and stakeholders to plan walkable and pleasant streets.

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Published on 19 July, 2023.