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To reach our collective 2030 emission reduction targets, this decade requires accelerated innovation to shift towards sustainable urban mobility. Therefore, it is important to develop offers that can address urban mobility issues. The second issue of the EIT Urban Mobility’s Solutions Catalogue gathers more than 40 selected innovations, 10 of them recently added, which can support cities to make a difference!

EIT Urban Mobility is supporting cities in this necessary transition. With this catalogue, cities are provided with solutions that help them tackle their greatest mobility challenges. The available innovations lead to creating more sustainable, liveable urban spaces. In this context, the mobility sector must also address its impact beyond climate and improve in other key topics, including safety, use of public space, and access for vulnerable users.
The featured innovative solutions are readily available for implementation and have demonstrated a high potential for environmental, social and economic impact.

The solutions address several key priorities in cities worldwide:

The solution catalogue provides a list of available innovations ready to directly benefit citizens. All solutions have successfully passed EIT Urban Mobility´s market-readiness and strategic fit assessment, and can therefore guarantee utmost quality.

Explore these solutions now by accessing the catalogue below!

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