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Future Mobility

In this video, we give the floor to different experts to share their thoughts on how we will experience urban shared mobility in the future. Benieke Treverton (EasyMile): "The future experience of urban mobility is connected and hybrid, whether it's calling an autonomous shuttle to your door on an app or planning your route via a connected seamless network." Also the benefits of shared mobility will evolve. Aviv Frenkel (Enroute): "On-demand mobility services will need to offer extra services such as working on board, shopping, entertainment, etc." Jessica Oppetit (Via): "I want to be told to get from A to B and I want my price preference, walking preference and my time constraints to be taken into account. This level of personalisation and taking into account people's preferences in every part of the journey decision making is definitely the way of the future." Autonomy will of course also have a great impact. Eric Wicart (EasyMile): "Autonomous vehicles will provide services in two ways: by end demand which will fully rely on smartphones and by fixed routes that we will board just like a normal tram, bus or train." The experts conclude by commenting that on-demand mobility will increase in prevalence, it will become seamless and very user-friendly.

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