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Future Mobility Intermodality

Digitalisation could boost the number of passengers using public transport or shared mobility services as it can help cut down on hassle to acquire access, given that transport systems are often very fragmented. Today, for almost each ecosystem and mobility mode one needs a different app and account or a different ticket. Digitalisation can improve this: when you forget your travel card you should be able to get access to the metro with your bank card; to unlock a shared bike or e-scooter you should be able to use both the shared mobility service app as well as your public transport card, you shouldn't need a different transport card in every single different city, etc. In turn, digitalising transport can then also improve mobility services and our cities. The data on tickets and journeys can be used to monitor how many people are taking the tram or metro at any given time and adjust capacity accordingly. In the realm of the pandemic and in order to restore trust in mass public transport, data can be used to inform passengers on how busy routes are. Adina Valean, European Commissioner for Transport concludes: "Digitalisation will boost efficiency, reduce costs, journey times and unnecessary emissions. It will increase our safety when travelling and will help to combine transport modes swiftly." This is exactly what Gotikket tries to do.

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