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Dan Hill, Director of strategic design at Vinnova and Daniel Byström, Project Manager at ArkDes reflect on the value of tactical urbanism and share their experience from the Street Moves project in Sweden. Dan Hill: "Tactical urbanism is a way of making a change happen in a city in a bottom up way and has usually less to do with formal planning processes. It's really opportunistic, it's taking advantage of a space and a possibility within it and trying to make it happen as quickly as possible. It's very powerful for demonstrating what change is possible one way or another." The aim of the Street Moves project is to understand how to flip the streets in Sweden to make them healthy sustainable vibrant places full of life, while trying to diversify and letting people shape the streets themselves so they can be part of it in a far more participative way. The results look promising: cars should make place for urban boardwalks, e-scooter parking racks, bike parking, planters to see more greenery, delivery boxes, carpool solutions, EV charging infrastructure, etc. They are also looking into solutions to foster social interaction between people. Daniel Byström: "We´re looking into culture and implementing more of a vibrant street life. We try to reflect on those different functions that the street should be and what kind of applications we can make to encourage that." Watch the video and learn more about what it takes to move away from the the dominance of car ownership in urban design.

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