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Despite increasing efforts to remove cars out of cities, there will always remain a certain amount of cars and vehicles in our urban areas. Electrifying vehicle fleets is part of the solution to reduce emissions and minimise the impact of transport on climate change, but this demands big investments in charging infrastructure. Adrian Hiel from Energy Cities shares some interesting insights: "There's not going to be one area where clean energy and e-mobility meld perfectly, but there are a number of smaller synergies that work strongly in its favour. We do not want to swap internal combustion cars for electric cars because that doesn't solve noise, safety nor congestion problems. The focus is fewer cars but electric cars. This enables a growing population who are far more aware of their own electricity consumption and where it comes from." Electric vehicles will play an increasingly important role, but authorities have to make sure the right infrastructure is in place so that their full potential can be realised." Check out the following products and best practices that can help cities to overcome this challenge: LINK TO Elonroad, Bia, EVIO and E-mobility stations in Munich.

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