Can the European Mobility Data Space make it easier to travel? | Mobility Talks

The digital and green transformation of Europe's transport sector requires smart sharing of mobility data.

The European Mobility Data Space (EMDS) aims to establish a unified market for mobility data, enabling secure and controlled information exchange across the continent.

In this episode of Mobility Talks, experts from the data and mobility sector will explore the strategic and practical benefits of a common European mobility data space for the transport industry.

The discussion will revolve around the findings of the PrepDSpace4Mobility project, which is laying the groundwork for the future EMDS. The impact of implementing an EMDS based on the project's conclusions and results, such as identified data ecosystems and EMDS building blocks, will be examined.

The speakers will delve into key policy aspects related to the European mobility data space's ambition, including governance, interoperability, trust, and data value, while also addressing the reference architecture and distribution of building blocks.


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Published on 14 June, 2023.