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Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
pedestrianised street, play on the way, heritage, public space, open air art gallery

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Start of operations

Year 2022

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Application Locations

Vilnius (Lithuania)
Best Practice essentials
The Challenge

Car dominance hindering the potential of a natural gathering place

Known for its natural springs, the site of Vingriu square and Pylimo street is located in the heart of Vilnius and served as a community well and gathering place for centuries. But rapid urban development and vehicular dominance in the early 1900s led to the springs being buried and the space transformed into a monofunctional street for vehicular circulation and parking.

The challenge of car dominance hindering quality street life, outdoor activities and safe pedestrian experiences in Vilnius needed to be addressed.

The Solution

Transforming a neglected street into a vibrant and artful public space

A design concept was created to reveal the buried natural springs, bringing the meandering water stream back to the surface to offer play opportunities, a tranquil atmosphere and historical significance. The site was pedestrianised, and vehicular access remains for services and emergencies only.

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Lead operator
Organisation name

Vilniaus planas

Organisation type


Other entities involved in the implementation
Organisation name

Modern Art Museum 'MO Muziejus'

Organisation type

Non-Governmental Organisation

Organisation name

Vilnius City Municipality

Organisation type

Public Authority - City

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