Riga: Standardised parklets to create green street oases


Riga (Latvia)

Challenge area:

Creating Public Realm

Implementation period:


The Challenge

The city centre of Riga lacked greenery and appealing public space, causing streets to be deserted places used only for parked cars, which provided very few opportunities for people to stop and enjoy city life. Breaking the habit of drivers occupying public space with private cars was a difficult challenge in Riga.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the food service industry hard, as government restrictions only allowed outdoor seating. One solution adopted in many cities was to allow the installation of temporary restaurant terraces, but narrow sidewalks and bureaucratic appro

The Solution

Designing standardised parklets to help businesses reclaim public space.

As a step in a new direction, Riga Municipality created a catalogue with standardised parklet designs to support local businesses during and after the COVID-19 pandemic in reclaiming public space from cars and to simplify the approval process for their installation.