Milan: Piloting on-demand taxi sharing


Milan (Italy)

Challenge area:

Future Mobility

Implementation period:


Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

The Challenge

The transition of Milan's mobility system towards more sustainable modes and reducing private vehicle ownership by citizens is at the core of Milan's mobility strategy.

In order to increase the offer of sustainable transport modes Milan's Transport Agency, AMAT, has been testing different options to create cost-efficient, reliable, comfortable and safe shared mobility services. 

As a means to increase the environmental and economic efficiency of urban transport, shared taxis rides are considered to positively contribute to the transformation of the mobility system. This assumption has been tested in a pilot.


The Solution

The software platform provided by Ride With Via allowed to test shared on-demand taxi rides in Milan. The service has been tested with two service options, the "Door-to-door" service and the "Corner-to-corner" service, where the passenger makes a short walk to the pick-up station to optimse the route. The advanced technology matches riders with the best vehicle taxi in real-time, and routes that taxi in a smart way through the city. Driver have been trained to use the driver's app and corresponding platform services. Driver and user are connected both via the application and a central communication service for support in case of issues with payment processing or pickup.  Next to the rider and driver apps, the city is provided with a suite of administrative and reporting tools to oversee and sustainably grow the service.