Piloting an inclusive e-bike solution


Bilbao (Spain)

Challenge area:

Active Mobility

Implementation period:


Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

The Challenge

  • Current urban mobility systems put certain groups of society at disadvantage – lack of inclusiveness
  • Sustainable active modes are unaccessible for elderly or physical impaired people, e.g. wheel chair users
  • Common paratransit provider don’t have the means for zero-emission transport services
  • Existing bike solutions for physically impaired are not designed for safe transport with the wheelchair, thus preventing A to B trips and limiting the autonomy of the user
  • Risks of shared transport during Covid-19 pandemic leaves people in need without access to sustainable mobility that ensures social distancing

The Solution

  • InclusivEbike is a pedal-assist, 4-wheeled e-bike capable to provide safe and comfortable rides for physically impaired.
  • The chassis and transport platform are specially designed and equipped for wheelchair drivers to ensure that the passenger can enter and travel without leaving its wheelchair.
  • InclusivEbike can provide a new travel experience to people in need, thus boosting their life quality and autonomy.
  • InclusivEbike breaks mobility limitations and enables wheelchair driver to plan A to B travel with full-autonomy to move at the final destination.
  • InclusiveEbike is a safe, quiet, clean and energy efficient micromobility solution for the elderly and impaired.