Last-mile microhub in Zaragoza, Spain


Zaragoza (Spain)

Challenge area:

Sustainable City Logistics

Implementation period:


CITYlogin microhub for urban delivery

The Challenge

Zaragoza is one of the biggest cities in Spain. Its city centre has more than 53,000 citizens and, with the ecommerce growth, concentrates the majority of the last mile deliveries.

As other big cities, the access to develop last mile delivery in the centre is complicated due to traffic, narrow streets, parking zones and, since 2023, the Low Emissions Zone that has been implemented.

The perfect solution for a successful and sustainable last mile distribution should provide a nearby location in the centre of the city, and also the use of sustainable vehicles to minimize the pollution footprint and fulfil the LEZ restrictions.

The Solution

In order to get over those challenges, CITYlogin (sustainable last mile distribution company located in some of the biggest cities of Spain) introduced a microhub of 600 sqm. in the city centre of Zaragoza in October 2022.

With this microhub, CITYlogin distributes more than 1500 parcels per day all over the Zaragoza city centre with 100% electric motorbikes. The parcels, which have been already classified by routes previously in a bigger warehouse, are transported to the microhub. Once there, they are loaded in the electric motorbikes which will make the routes all over the city centre. Moreover, the electric motorbikes can be charged in the microhub because it has its own chargers inside.

Microhub for urban delivery by CITYlogin