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Inclusiveness, Disabled users, Tourism

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Year 2019

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Metropolitan Area



Application Locations

Limassol (Cyprus)

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The Challenge

Before CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, the Limassol region already provided some accessibility infrastructure dedicated to disabled, visually, and hearing-impaired citizens and tourists. However, it was not enough just to provide safe conditions to move around the city centre. Limassol is a highly touristic destination, which yearly receives the majority of the 3.5 million tourists which visit Cyprus (source: YSTAT). Therefore, there was a need to have a city that would be more inclusive for all, especially considering that a lot of tourists that visit the island are disabled and face difficulties in accessing some of the main touristic attractions.

The Solution

  • Development and integration of the accessibility points of the existing systems for blind and deaf people at the main traffic light crossings in the tourist area.
  • Increase the number of access points to the beaches for achieving safety and leisure, and subsequently connect to the public transport system (with step-free bus stops at the specified spot).
  • Limassol added points in the tourist area where the proper integrated mobility solution (for accessing and using beaches) was installed. This included ramps going into the sea.
  • New signage at bus stops.

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End user involved

Type of end user: Disabled users, Residents, Tourists

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Lead operator

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Organisation type

Business - SME

Other entities involved in the implementation

Organisation name

Limassol Tourist Board

Organisation type

Public Authority - Region

Organisation name

Limassol Municipality

Organisation type

Public Authority - Region

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