Community Mobility Sharepoints in Munich and Zurich


Zürich (Switzerland)

Challenge area:

Creating Public Realm

Sustainable City Logistics

Implementation period:


The Challenge

The goal is to encourage and support families in urban areas to be mobile without a private car and use active modes of travel, such as the electric cargo bike or a pedelec with a trailer attached.

The Solution

Mobility sharing points were set up in Munich and Zurich, providing a new service to local residents. They could borrow an electric cargo bike, a pedelec with a trailer attached, and helmets and pedal scooters for children. The use of these mobility tools is free of charge for local inhabitants. The e-bikes and the e-cargo-bikes could be booked ahead. After using the bikes, the user is asked to charge the battery at a plug provided in the share point.

A group of volunteers manages the share point (“bike carers”). They also take care of the reservation system and the maintenance of the bikes.