Climate Change Gamification for 9 Cities in Germany


Rüsselsheim (Germany)

Meiningen (Germany)

Prenzlau (Germany)

Königstein im Taunus (Germany)

Nidderau (Germany)

Bergheim (Germany)

Schweich (Germany)

Gladbeck (Germany)

Eschborn (Germany)

Challenge area:

Creating Public Realm

Implementation period:


The Challenge

The challenges we face in municipalities and cities

  • Low participation of citizens in the transportation transition.
  • Lack of knowledge about the incentivization of behavioral changes.
  • Lack of current data basis for scientifically based infrastructure decisions.
  • No comparable mobility and climate protection KPIs for municipalities and cities to be able to compare the progress, impact, and also the cost of measures against benefits.
  • Very limited human and financial resources in the municipalities for the implementation of the traffic and energy transition. Installations are dependent on public funding. When the funding programs expire, the municipalities often have to discontinue the projects. Once achieved goals evaporate again.

The Solution

Climate-Taler Gamification for Increased Citizen Participation

The Climate-Taler responds to a problem of behavioral economics: Knowledge about climate change does not change habits. If this knowledge brings a direct benefit, it motivates sustainable action for climate protection. Citizens earn Climate-Taler in a playful way and can exchange them for valuable regional services and products. This creates a connection between municipal climate protection and local economic promotion. We also circumvent bans and renunciations and promote the local economy.

The willingness to participate enables meaningful data evaluations, which are needed for costly infrastructure decisions.

Basic Insights

  • Modal split by the number of tracks per calendar week.
  • Modal split by distances travelled per calendar week.
  • Diurnal curve on workdays per mode
  • Average distances travelled per person per day
  • Average trip distance per mode and day
  • Share of users per CO2 emissions category

Customized insights

  • Passenger count per station
  • Changepoint OD matrices
  • Customized OD matrices
  • Passenger count per public transport line
  • Catchment areas

Cost Reduction for Permanent Participation
Reduction of costs by up to 90% compared to a White Label version for large cities. Participation for an annual flat rate from 4,800 € is possible. Municipalities receive a professional marketing package from outdoor advertising, information flyers to press templates and digital data dashboards.